"Exercise and Yoga is vital in helping fight viruses like Covid-19," says Kathy McCready, owner of Providence Health and Fitness.

NEW PROVIDENCE, NJ - Providence Health and Fitness is now into week 20 of the pandemic and so far has held over 540 classes thanks to all of their dedicated instructors. Click here for complete class schedule. 

If you have never tried a class with Providence Health and Fitness, the first class is always free, and they currently are offering a summer special - 30 days of unlimited classes for just $64.99. "This gives you the opportunity to try out all the classes and get to know us," said McCready. Providence Health and Fitness also offers free classes on Sundays where you can try out their fitness and yoga classes being offered.

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"Exercise and yoga is vital in helping fight viruses like Covid 19 and Larry [Heisler] and I have made it our mission to help you all take measures to keep yourselves as healthy as possible and to strengthen your immune system," said Kathy McReady, owner of Providence Health and Fitness.

Back in March when zoom classes began, McCready said, "This was a whole new thing for me and I have had to learn all kinds of new technology! Thank you for bearing with me as I got to grips with it all. There have been some bumps along the road but all in all things have gone well and most importantly we have kept you exercising."

"We've also held a session on nutrition with Larry and his favorite immune boosting foods and strategies like meditation," she said. They followed that up with a three part newsletter featuring practical immune boosting strategies like alkalizing your body, plant based nutrition and oxygen increasing exercise. "We are working on adding this information to the website for future reference." Providence Health and Fitness has also offered twice a month non-denominational meditation classes.

And through this pandemic, their instructors continued to learn and attended online courses. "One of those was an educational meeting for MLD and Massage Therapists," said McCready. In a time of forced closure, Providence Health and Fitness also adapted to teaching DIY techniques to clients for services they rely on. "We held a session on how to do Manual Lymph Drainage on yourself, to clean up your lymph - waste management system - a.k.a. our bodies built in detoxification system. MLD helps strengthen your immune function," she said.

McCready added, "There has been an increased interest in 'proning exercises' or respiratory recovery exercises." These are an exercise routine to enhance pulmonary function that help build strength back up and help you breathe more easily. "Interestingly, the exercises are similar to some of our Yoga Asana Poses," she said. Those mentioned were cat/cow, child pose with hips extended back and chest reaching forward and downward facing dog. Also suggested are diaphragmatic breathing exercises where you lift your ribs and lungs and give space to your torso, getting the breath deep into your body, very similar to our Yoga, she said.

During these 20 weeks, Providence Health and Fitness has built an extensive library of recorded classes for everyone to enjoy when their clients miss the zoom class. She added, "One of the perks of being a monthly member is you get these videos for FREE! If you are not currently a monthly member, now is a great time to join."

Contact Kathy McCready at 908.898.0008 for more information regarding monthly memberships.

Providence Health and Fitness is located at 18 South Street in New Providence.

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