NEW PROVIDENCE, NJ - Strawberry Fields, a small, self-serve frozen yogurt shop in New Providence, sells fresh frozen yogurt and smoothies and also holds events to bring kids together, like free X-box tournaments.

When you walk into the shop on South Street and Springfield Avenue, you’ll notice bright red chairs, photography art and frozen yogurt that’s fresh and ready to eat. To the right, you’ll find a counter filled with dry and fruity toppings. And behind the counter, you’ll find workers that are eager to serve you.

Julian Elanc, manager of Strawberry Fields, says the business began in Maplewood. “The current business that we have in New Providence started in March of 2012 and it began a little over a year ago,” Elanc said. “The first one to open was the Strawberry Fields in Maplewood. I used to live in Maplewood and worked in that store but I moved over to this location. The only difference between the two is that the one in Maplewood is slightly smaller.

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“Here, we offer 10 flavors of frozen yogurt, about 13 if you combine flavors,” Elanc said. “We also have about 25 toppings, 25 of them are dry and eight of them are fruit toppings. We also just recently began to offer smoothies. We used to offer a few flavors before but now we have more.

“The old flavors include pineapple strawberry, mixed berry, blueberry,” he said. Flavors like Oreo Milkshake, Berry Blast, Banana, Thin Mint, Fruit Cocktail, Tropical Fruit, Mango, Wine Blend, Peach Passion and Pina Colada are fresh and popular with customers. “We used to offer coffee but when we saw that it wasn’t selling, we decided to include the smoothies, Elanc said.

In terms entertainment, Strawberry Fields has you covered. “This is something that’s brand new--free X-box tournaments,” he said. “We offer it to anyone who comes in. It started about a week ago. Currently, we offer a FIFA game, Street Fighter, and many more are coming up for those that want to play,” he said.

“In the near future, we would also like to extend our services and offer catering for birthday parties and the like,” Elanc said. “We want to get the community involved with our business as much as possible.”