BERKELEY HEIGHTS, NJ - After The Connell Company employees had an hour orientation session, they were ready for their first Home for Good Dogs adoption event that was open to the public. The event was held at The Grove in Connell Park last week in Berkeley Heights.

Connell Park always has a lot of walkers during lunch hour and The Grove is a natural destination for the employees in the corporate park. So, it was no surprise that there would be a lot of people visiting the dog adoption event and bake sale during lunch hour. Not only did employees come by, but there were several community members that stopped by to see the puppies.

"We are really happy they are hosting us," said Matthew Holowienka, Public Relations Coordinator for Home for Good Dog Rescue. "I think we will be doing more adoption events with them. Their employees have been wonderful and eager to help and one is an adopter."

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Aileen Vidal, an Executive Administrator at the Connell Company and a dog adoption event volunteer, was prepared to adopt, however, she "wasn't pushing it." The adoption process requires an application process and a match between the dog and the family.

Vidal had filled out the application awhile ago and was prepared if there was a fit. She had checked out the pictures of the dogs that were going to be at the event and she had her eye on Ricky, a shepherd mix. "He came to my sons and my current dog and it was a match," she said.

Nina Psihoules, event organizer for The Connell Company, said there was a lot of activity for the event and hopes to host another dog adoption event in the fall.

"When we had the idea, we wanted to bring the community into the park," said Psihoules. "What brings people together more than dogs. The dog adoption is the perfect event to do that." 

More and more people are drawn to The Grove for its outside work space [with WiFi]; to walk the loop path that starts and finishes at The Grove; a stop while biking through the Connell Park grounds; to play ping pong, foosball, or chess; grab a bite to eat at the Grain and Cane Gastro Truck -- or to just hang out -- and maybe, in the future, find the right fit to adopt a dog.