Hassan Mahmoud, an author, lecturer, a student of history and culture, will speak about the life of Cleopatra and the Roman Empire at the December 14th meeting of the Summit Old Guard.  He is an expert on ancient history and will focus his talk on how Cleopatra inherited Alexander the Great’s Empire.  Mr. Mahmoud will also present the facts on the lesser known details of her life and her rule over Egypt.
All area 50-plus active men are invited to attend meetings of the Summit Area Old Guard on Tuesday mornings at the New Providence Municipal Center at 360 Elkwood Avenue.  A coffee hour starts at 9:15 that is followed by a 10 AM short business meeting. Old Guard members participate in sports, bridge, hikes, trips, plays, concerts and cultural events.  The Old Guard is planning a trip to see “South Pacific” at NJPAC on January 27.  Call Don Miller at 908-464-4116 for more information or log on to the website:  www.summitoldguard.homestead.com.