I would like to take this opportunity to apologize for not being available to speak on my own behalf; unfortunately work requires me to be at a meeting tonight. I would just like to state that having coached in town for the last 15 years in multiple sports and age groups I was thrilled when I heard of this project as proposed by Mayor Thoms and Union County.

For the last 12+ years, the field conditions at Oakwood Park have deteriorated. The playing conditions are hideous as the field is full of slopes and mounds that are likely to cause injury, a condition I commonly refer to as knee twisters and ankle breakers. Baseballs take nasty hops and I have seen kids take it on the chin from the poor conditions.

This project is an opportunity to rectify this park and make it a safe and clean place for the children of New Providence and Union County to play, and be proud of. In a day when obesity plagues our youth and video games turn their brains to mush, not only do we need this project but we need others like it. 

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I commend the Mayor and Commissioner for thinking outside the box to make it happen. I am in full support of this project and hope to see it completed soon. I anxiously await the day when our children have a clean, safe, arena such as the one proposed here tonight. No discredit to the NP DPW or PAL, as they have put forth a tremendous effort to keep these fields somewhat useable, but it is a down hill battle.

Finally, in today's economic climate and the threat of ever-rising taxes, this is a gift and should proceed as proposed.