The mission of the New Providence Sustainability Committee is to provide leadership and vision in advising the Borough of New Providence on actions and policies of sustainability including preservation and enhancement of New Providence's environment, natural resources and quality of life of its residents and businesses.

Co-Chairs Barbara Friedman and Doug Sullivan, along with the leadership of Dr. Bob Robinson (liaison to the Borough Council for the last two years) hold monthly meetings to implement activities supporting the mission.  The sustainability committee with support from the Borough Council and many others, have accomplished a number of activities to make New Providence more sustainable. A summary of these accomplishments over the past two years includes:

  • Sustainable Jersey is a certification program for New Jersey municipalities that want to go green, save money and take steps to sustain their quality of life over the long term.  New Providence received Bronze certification in January 2014.  To achieve certification, we documented a variety of significant sustainability initiatives that have been implemented by NP.  Renewal of this certification occurred in 2017 and is valid for another three years.
  • Creation of the Community Garden located near the tennis courts.  This project was possible through the receipt of multiple grants from Sustainable Jersey and Union County.  The construction of the garden was also assisted by a local Boy Scout and the Department of Public Works.  The community garden currently has a waiting list due to its popularity.
  • The Sustainability Committee held a tree seedling giveaway for residents the past two years, more than 3,500 trees were planted as a result of this initiative.
  • Development and approval of a Community Forestry Management Plan (CFMP) which will make NP eligible for grant monies.
  • Designation of April 28th as Arbor Day for New Providence in a Proclamation signed by the Mayor

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