The Brooke Healey Foundation Caring 'Til It's Cured #DIPG

NEW PROVIDENCE, NJ - The Brooke Healey Foundation is hosting their 5th annual Golf Outing on Monday, August 20 at Royce Brook Country Club in Hillsborough. This event has been held in honor of five year old Brooke, daughter of Stefani and Stephen Healey, who succumbed to DIPG, an inoperable and rapidly progressing brain tumor that slowly robs children of their motor function, in September 2013. 

Since Brooke's death, the Healey family started The Brooke Healey Foundation, raising funds to help families struggling with pediatric cancers, provide funding for research, and offer scholarships to local students that impact their communities.

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The Healey's turned their grief into a positive in the name of Brooke.  Steve Healey said his family was so appreciative of the support from the community, including the many young children that came to their door to donate their lemonade stand proceeds and high school students "who wanted to help." The Healey's said that because insurance had covered most of their bills, the family made the decision to be productive with the surplus funds they received and formed The Brooke Healey Foundation. 

"People ask how we do it," said Healey. "We couldn't have done any of it without the 60 volunteers and 9 board members. They've made the foundation happen." 

The pain of losing a relative to DIPG continues to resonate with Dr. Mark Schlobohm, Director of New Providence Chiropractic. He lost his eight year old niece, Sydney, to the same disease in 2005. The devastation is too familiar. "It's too late for Sydney, but our family continues to support those working to find a cure," said Dr. Schlobohm. 

Dr. Schlobohm's family created a team, "Soar for Sydney," to participate in the Annual Race for Hope in Washington D.C. to benefit the National Brain Tumor Society and Accelerate Brain Cancer Cure. The race funds research and support services for those affected by this disease. His brother also served on the board of the National Brain Tumor Society and his directive was focused on receiving a higher percentage of dollars for pediatric brain tumor research. "More kids die from this than any other cancer," said Dr. Schlobohm. 

"I really got involved with the Healey's the past two years," he said. He was introduced to the family by a few of his patients who are members of the Healey's extended family. "I started sponsoring a few of their events. -- I attended their golf outing and I brought my brother."

"I knew I wanted to do something," he said. The Brooke Healey Foundation is one of the strongest foundations I have seen, he added. 

The two families' goals align. "The simple goal is to raise funds. The Healey's and I would like to save a family the pain," said Dr. Schlobohm. "We get it."

He said what he likes about the foundation is that a lot of the funds go to research and they do a scholarship. But, "the biggest thing that I like is they provide financial help to the families," he said. "It’s a great support network. That is the number one reason I got involved."

He said that research is underfunded -- and through the foundation, they bring public awareness, raise funds and help those that are going through the same thing.  "I just wanted to help make something positive out of something devastating. That is the goal."

Click here to learn more about The Brooke Healey Foundation and to register for the golf outing.

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