"The Emperor's New Clothes: The Musical!" was presented by the New Providence Rec. Dept.'s Middle School Musical Theater Workshop on March 9th and 10th to sold-out audiences of family, friends and community members.
The musical told the tale of Emperor Plumptoe, played by John Ertman, who cared so much about his clothes that he was fooled by two con artists, Wart and Hog, who devise their ingenious plan for fleecing the emperor by selling him invisible "magic cloth."  Naturally, everyone pretends to see the magic cloth, until the emperor’s serving boy covers him up at the parade, laying bare the facts:  the emperor had no clothes on!  
 The show was directed by Theresa Turner, with musical direction by Catherine Flynn, choreography by Valerie Van Hoosier, and set design and construction by Jennifer Huebner. Pictured below are (bottom row, left to right): Ashima Agarwal, Maggie Kruger, Michelle Browe, Emily Peterson, John Ertman, Sarah Peterson, Keri Shi, and Joseph Mathusek; second row: Victoria Gazaway, Sarah Bottazzi, Catherine Flynn, Rebecca Giedraitis, Kiana Mellogno, Troy Droussiotis, Natalie Pereira, Kerry Buckman, Olivia Haas, Lauren Kang, Elizabeth Parker, and Sydney Cahill; top row:  Jennifer Huebner, Theresa Turner, and Valerie Van Hoosier.