NEW PROVIDENCE, NJ - The Future Civic Leaders (FCL) club of New Providence celebrated Women's Day by encouraging their female members to take a stand in social matters on Wednesday, March 8.

For this meeting, the club discussed multiple ways women can become more empowering, confident, and active in social matters. Women's Day is a holiday to celebrate the past women who made achievements for women in order to combat gender inequality and to support women today that continue to make changes. Through a PowerPoint presentation, they encouraged their members to pursue a career that may be male dominant, such as STEM careers. They informed their peers that women should not back down from their dreams just because it may be male dominant. By encouraging the younger generation of women, FCL was able to contribute to the Women's Day cause.

Society has made women and girls turn against each other as seen throughout social media comments, posts, and in everyday life. The officers of FCL educated the girls on Girl Power, which would teach them how to stand up for other girls, stay genuine and become better little women. By having the girls start by supporting each other, they can continue that positivity throughout society in order to combat gender inequality.

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Before the meeting was over, the officers created a poster which the members wrote about a woman that inspires them, notified the public on issues women around the world face, and highlighted their accomplishments. The members wrote about women, such as their mothers, actress Emma Watson, former First Lady Michelle Obama, and other female activists that inspire the high school students today. As well as writing what others have done, the members also wrote about what they would like to achieve for women in the future.

Senior Lizzie Scheader, an officer of FCL, was passionate to put this meeting together in order for the younger students to understand what Women's Day is all about. "A large capacity of our club is made up of girls so I believe that these girls, in today's day and age, need to be informed and take political and social action in order to achieve larger accomplishments that women throughout history have done," said Scheader. "Women's Day needs to be endorsed in order to continue to prove the greatness and potential that girls have."  She hopes that each year after she graduates the new officers will continue to have a meeting for Women's Day.

Editor's Note: Elsa Berisha is a junior at New Providence High School participating in the TAPinto New Providence intern program. To learn more about participating in the program contact