“The Mommy's Review” caught up with musician and early childhood educator Mo Phillips, who just released a rockin’ kid-friendly CD, Monster Suit. The fun, sweet, and humorous music on the album has a decidedly lo-fi sound with a heavy dose of country twang. I’d recommend this to parents who like Violent Femmes, the Pixies, or They Might Be GiantsMonster Suit (Hey! Bacon!! Records, $12.99) is available online at www.mophillips.com, cdbaby.com, and iTunes.

The Portland, OR-based dad of two boys shared a few of his favorite kid and family-friendly activities with us…

Books: We're pretty massive Mo Willems fans around here. If "Don't Let The Pigeon Drive The Bus" isn't this generation's "Cat in the Hat," then I don't know what is. My 8-year-old, Henry, is flying through Percy Jackson and some book about a wizard school, while my 5-year-old, Owen, has recently discovered the classic, Winnie the Pooh. We really love reading Pooh aloud.

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Music: Owen and my wife, Kate, love to blast ABBA all the time. Serious dance parties ensue. Henry and I like to jam to Beck's "Loser." Crazy imagery in that tune.

DVDsHarry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets has just about got a hole worn through it.  We're also big Ben Stiller and Adam Sandler fans. Bedtime Stories is a favorite, as well as the A Night At The Museum movies.  Absurdity goes real far in our house. Real far. That's why Monty Python's And Now For Something Completely Different is next.

Games:Uno has dominated the living room floor for months now.  It is pretty amazing how strategic a 5-year-old can get.  Recently we got a game called Qwirkle, a game of shapes and colors and strategy that has been hilarious, if only because you get to yell "Qwirkle!" all the time, as well as verbify it, like, "you just straight Qwirked that."

Eats:  We're in Portland, so we don't really know any local restaurants out there in New Jersey. But one of our local favs, Pok Pok, just opened a satellite in NYC. It will melt your face and blow your mind.


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