Most of high school is spent doing what other people tell you to do, whether it's friends, parents, teachers or coaches, and at some point you go on auto-pilot, content with carrying out directions in a mindless way, and suddenly you find yourself 80 days away from graduation realizing how much you have missed because you never did anything besides what was asked of you.

Everyone in New Providence gets the same chances to join the same clubs, enroll in the same class and join the same teams. The thing is, if you never look around for things to do or ways to grow and instead, accept and do all you have ever done, high school is just a place to pass time.

New Providence has over fifty different clubs and activities for students to participate, and while many never go through the trouble to explore the different options there may be some merit to doing so.

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I tried out every club I possibly could and what was the worst thing that happened? I learned something about myself. I found out what I was passionate about and what I wanted to do with myself, and the worst thing that happened is that I found out what I didn't like.

So what is the most important thing I learned at New Providence High School?

It isn't how to use the quadratic equation, its completely unrelated. High school taught me who I am, and standing here now looking back, I am grateful for all the chances it gave me.