It's been five long years that our troops have been deployed in Iraq. Is it worth the money and high casualty rate? Everyone has their own argument as to why, but the truth still is: what are we getting done over in the Middle East? The answer to that question is nothing! Every year our troops stay in Iraq, our country grows deeper and deeper into debt and other financial crises. Around ten point three billion dollars per month is wasted on this war.

The "War on Terror" began back when President Bush believed the Iraqis had weapons of mass destruction. That theory of weapons was proven false years ago, so why are we still fighting?

A very courageous marine I knew fought overseas. He didn't make it back alive. Lance Corporal Chris Cosgrove was my neighbor and his tragic death devastated his family, friends, and my entire neighborhood immensely when he returned from Iraq in a body bag. Is this really what our country wants, more families collapsing to ruins over this carnage?

Not one family deserves to receive that dreadful news. Fighting this war serves no point to our economy or our families. All it does is shoot our country into more and more debt and more and more sorrow. We need to stop this nonsense now and pull our troops out of Iraq!