NEW PROVIDENCE, NJ - Recently, New Providence Mayor John Thoms announced his bid for re-election as an independent candidate. Thoms, a life-long member of the Republican Party, did not receive the support of the local Republican Party in his bid for re-election this year. Mayor Thoms chose not to run in the Republican primary race but has decided to enter the race in the general election.

Thoms said that "In this challenging economic time, the people of New Providence deserve a leader who is not afraid to tackle the fiscal crisis and my candidacy provides a choice on issues that differ from the two primary candidates."

Thoms said that he is currently leading significant shared services initiatives and a reorganization of the Borough administration. He recently announced his support for Governor Christie's 2.5% tax rate cap.

Reached for comment about Thoms' decision to run for re-election, former Mayor Al Morgan, who is running in the June 8th Republican Primary against Councilman Brooke Hern for the Republican nomination for Mayor, told The Alternative Press, "I welcome John Thoms into the race for Mayor. Just as in the case of the primary election, the voters will have a clear choice with my record of proven leadership and fiscal responsibility."  He continued, "Right now I am focused on gaining the majority of the votes in the Republican primary on June 8th. The response to my message continues to be tremendously supportive. In fact, I decided to enter this race after a groundswell of people encouraged me to return as Mayor to provide the leadership that is sorely needed and to deal with the important issues facing New Providence. Should I prevail in the primary on June 8th, it will be a great opportunity for the voters to express their feelings as to what they want for New Providence's future - my record of proven leadership and fiscal responsibility or John Thoms' management style."

Councilman Hern said that he welcomes all candidates in the race and that "people in the community benefit when candidates offer different visions." He added that, "I look forward to a very issues-oriented campaign with Mr. Thoms in the Fall."