New Providence Mayor John Thoms has announced his bid for re-election as an independent candidate.

Incumbent Mayor Thoms, a life-long member of the Republican Party, did not receive the support of the local Republican Party in his bid for re-election this year. Mayor Thoms chose not to run in the Republican primary race but has decided to enter the race in the general election. After observing that the two current candidates have almost identical platforms, Thoms reflected that "In this challenging economic time, the people of New Providence deserve a leader who is not afraid to tackle the fiscal crisis and my candidacy provides a choice on issues that differ from the two primary candidates."

Mayor Thoms has made and is willing to continue make tough decisions that will ensure the Borough's financial viability for years to come. While other municipalities are struggling with managing capped tax rates, under Thoms' leadership, New Providence is poised to handle any fiscal obstacles. Thoms is currently leading significant shared services initiatives and a reorganization of the Borough administration. Thoms recently announced his support for Governor Christie's 2.5% tax rate cap.