NEW PROVIDENCE, NJ – Traffic safety issues were once again on the minds of residents who Zoomed into the Tuesday, Apr. 13 council meeting. It turns out that the traffic changes on Fairview Avenue will take some time to implement as the situation will be re-evaluated by the New Providence Police Traffic Department.

Mike Pisack asked the council when the ordinance to change Fairview Avenue into a one-way street is going to be introduced. Mayor Al Morgan responded that the issue is still being assessed as the council has to make decisions that serve best the entire town. Morgan also noted that not all Fairview Avenue residents are on board with changing their street to one-way. Furthermore, residents on other streets have also requested that their street be made one-way. Changes made in one borough street will ultimately affect other streets as well, he pointed out.

Pisack noted that Fairview Avenue residents had provided traffic survey data to the borough and that enforcing truck traffic is “not sustainable”, a better permanent solution is needed. He asked how the residents can work with a liaison as a team to resolve the ongoing issues. Morgan advised that borough officials have already met with residents regarding traffic issues. A few face-to-face meetings with residents were conducted with former Borough Administrator Doug Marvin as well as Borough Engineer Kevin Boyer, Morgan said.  However, Pisack and other residents on Zoom explained that they were not aware of any face-to-face meetings, and if such meetings were held, they were not invited to attend.

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The public hearing and final reading of the ordinance 2021-06 amending speed limits for certain borough streets has now been postponed to Apr. 27 due to an advertising error.

Borough Administrator Bernadette Cuccaro advised that the borough is aware that some street lights are out in town and is looking for an electrical service company to fix them. The borough is also looking for a repairer who could fix the two borough clocks. Additionally, she reminded residents that the fastest way to communicate with the borough is to use the action line request form located on the borough website.

With regard to other news some residents are still experiencing noise issues generated from trucks at the Wrist Company site on Central Avenue. Borough Attorney Paul Rizzo said that there is very little the borough or residents can do to lessen the noise except ask the company to “be a good neighbor”.

Councilwoman Nadine Geoffroy suggested that the borough help local gyms to conduct their classes at borough parking lots. Morgan noted that the municipal building parking lot is too busy for exercise classes, but the New Providence and Murray Hill train stations are suitable for exercise purposes.

The borough is currently looking for a Part-Time Municipal Alliance Coordinator as well as three temporary Department of Public Works Summer employees.