I have been a resident of New Providence for over 10 years now and have watched the condition of Union Avenue deteriorate year after year.  Each year the town patches problem areas and potholes in the road (typically after someone has blown a tire of which I have lost two); however, this is just a temporary fix and only creates more uneven road surfaces.  Never mind that the town does not police the road to deter trucks, which are not allowed on Union Avenue and their weight only causes more road issues, today, driving down Union Avenue is a challenge.  Cars continually swerve back-and-forth up and down the road trying to avoid all of the bumps and holes in the road.

    The town of New Providence has a responsibility to pave roads and create a safer driving environment.  I have already witnessed two cars jump the curb on Union Avenue as a result of attempting to avoid a pothole.  Children and families enjoy walking the sidewalk every day and sooner or later, I’m afraid to say there could be a tragedy.  

    I have contacted the town numerous times.  If you are able to speak to someone, they are less than pleasant about the issue.  Other times I am forced to leave a message and never receive a return call.  I have also sent several e-mails with no response.  As a result, I looked through some of the minutes of meetings and noticed that Union Avenue was supposed to be paved in 2014.  Reading minutes from a later meeting I noticed that Union Avenue was supposed to be paved in late spring 2015.  Well, here we are now in the summer of 2015 and we have heard nothing about our road.  Nothing.

    The residents of Union Avenue pay taxes to the town like any other resident.  Based on the number of houses lining Union Avenue and an estimate of taxes, I estimate that the residents of Union Avenue contribute approximately $1,000,000 per year to the town of New Providence.   Over the past ten years we have contributed approximately $10,000,000 to the town.  Is this not sufficient to have our road paved?  Why, when I drive through Berkeley Heights, Summit, and Chatham do I feel embarrassed to live in New Providence?  I realize the town is putting a lot of effort into the downtown area, but to our detriment?  How bad does the road have to be before it is paved?  Does someone have to be injured first?  Enough is enough, pave the road!