To the Editor:

After raising our children in New Providence, and living in this community for more than 25 years, I’ve been watching the current Borough Council election with great interest. Although we moved out of state in April, my ties to, and affection for this town are still strong.

I am an Independent, and I’m socially liberal. But in local elections, I don’t vote based on party affiliation or a liberal platform because neither of those things is relevant to how well my town is run. In this election, the Republican candidates have a proven track record of helping to make New Providence a better place to live and raise a family which, in my opinion, should matter more than which Party they belong to.

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It is puzzling to me that the Democratic candidates are suggesting that they have a different set of values and beliefs. I can appreciate that position in a national campaign, where the issues include a border wall with Mexico, women’s rights, gun control and health care. Thankfully, our council does not have to address these divisive issues.

Local elections focus on issues such as

  • Does our town have an environment that attracts new businesses
  • Are our property values increasing
  • Do we provide a safe community for families
  • Does the town operate effectively, ethically and economically while still achieving these goals

The Democrats mentioned they…”heard that it is beneficial to create a system of checks and balances within the Council, reasoning that bipartisan discussion ensures collaborative problem-solving, taking voices of both parties into account”. On a local level, what are the specific issues that Democrats and Republicans disagree on based on party affiliation? What “Democratic” values are currently not represented on the Council? 

I’ve attended almost all Borough Council meetings for more than 5 years, and I have never seen the Democratic candidates at a Council meeting. How are they able to confidently state that all voices are not represented? How do they know there is no transparency? Do they really believe the current elected officials are not ”daring to incorporate all the voices who collectively compose our community”. Do these candidates realize that members of the Council answer phone calls, letters, and emails from residents daily? Furthermore, anyone wishing to address a concern with the Council can reach out to one or all members, or speak publicly at a meeting. Everyone in our town has multiple opportunities to be heard, and to make a difference in the community.

I am proud to endorse Bob Robinson and Nadine Geoffroy. Dr. Robinson has been a member of the Borough Council for 10 years, and has been instrumental in numerous initiatives, served on multiple committees, and has been devoted to public service his entire life. Nadine has served on the executive board of the PTA/PTO. She also served on the municipal planning board and economic development committees in the town, and participated in the development of the downtown Master Plan. Their combined experience and passion for the town will ensure that New Providence residents will continue to enjoy the wonderful quality of life our town is known for.

Bonnie Vohden