To Anyone Wondering who to vote for in our upcoming local election:

We live in a great town. My husband Bret and I are Westerners (originally from California and Arizona) and we love New Providence. We have lived here longer than any other place in our marriage and feel quite smug when we talk with friends and family from around the country about our schools and community.

We have known Jamie Peterson and her family since we moved to New Jersey in 2002.  We have watched her raise her three children, observed her activity in the PTA and enjoyed the payoff of her efforts in the music program at New Providence High School. On a personal level, we are friends. Over the years, we have discussed issues on balancing career, family, community and self—the same struggles we all have. We have not always seen eye to eye on every issue, but over time I have learned to trust and respect Jamie’s desire to find the right way and do the right thing.

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Politically, Bret and I grew up in staunch Republican families. As that party has stopped consistently representing at all times the principles we live by, we have become Independent, weighing issues and voting with our consciences. And although there is so much we love about our town, there have been times when we have questioned our town's leadership. It has become apparent that in some instances, even within fabulous New Providence, a few people have benefited from the contributions of the many—something not unique to our town, but still troubling when it happens.

I love that Jamie is not a politician. She is a mom-of-three, a former opera singer and a concerned New Providence resident. She is someone I relate with, and who I have witnessed trying to make decisions with her conscience. I appreciate her willingness to sacrifice her time campaigning for an unpaid job that will give her nothing but a more powerful voice so she can serve our community in a meaningful way. I know she will try her best to give us everything she's got- which is a lot. Curious about her take on local issues?

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Vote for Jamie! 

Shannon Adams