I endorse Dr. Bob Robinson and Nadine Geoffroy for New Providence Borough Council.  As a long-serving elected member of Borough Council I am endorsing Robinson and Geoffroy because I believe that they each have the qualifications, experience, temperament and integrity necessary to keep our great community on the path of continuous improvement to our finances, our infrastructure, public safety, our recreation facilities and our overall quality of life.  They will do so with the clear, sharp focus demonstrated by our Borough Council over the past ten years.

Bob Robinson is a New Providence native who has devoted his adult life to building a small business in town while spending the last decade on Borough Council.  He knows our issues from all sides – as a home owner, as a business owner and as a member of our elected government.  I have proudly served with him throughout these past years and know him to be a fighter for what he believes to be in the Borough’s best interests.

Nadine Geoffroy, together with her husband Brian, has been a homeowner, raised her children in this community and served volunteer organizations with hard work and integrity.  Included in those efforts was a term on the Planning Board which gave her valuable experience on the inner workings of a key part of our Municipal Government.  Nadine’s education and work experience in the financial industry will provide residents with a valuable advocate for financial issues which have become such an important facet of municipal governance.

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While I congratulate all candidates for taking the step of putting their names on the ballot to serve the Borough as elected officials, I heartily believe that Dr. Bob Robinson and Nadine Geoffroy are the best choices to keep the Borough firmly on its upward trajectory.  New Providence is recognized as one of the best places to live in New Jersey; this is no accident.  I can tell you from first-hand experience that it takes extreme dedication to the community and a willingness to make decisions that may be painful in the short-term, but best for the long-term good of the Borough.  Knowledge of the community, an understanding of the issues it faces, and experience in solving problems gained through experience in the public or private sectors like that demonstrated by Bob and Nadine are a big plus.  Above all, it takes a willingness to put the interests of the town, its residents and its businesses first, regardless of the political consequences to those serving in office.

Bob and Nadine have the character, experience and integrity to serve our community well on Borough Council.  I ask you to join with me and vote for Dr. Bob Robinson and Nadine Geoffroy for New Providence Borough Council on November 7th.