What do Doll and Peterson stand for? What are their issues? What is their plan to improve our community? What are their positions on court ordered high density affordable housing and the 2% arbitration cap?  Their platform appears to be: identify everything they see as lacking in New Providence, call the council incompetent, and say “they can do it better.” How?

They’ve said they’re going to fix everything right away and lower your property taxes at the same time without telling you how. That’s quite a feat to give everyone in town everything they want all at once without increasing debt or significantly raising property taxes.

Doll & Peterson have suggested that Union County will pay for all this work. Are they planning to sell the tennis courts or Oakwood Park to Union County? In a recent letter to the editor, they endorsed the original Oakwood Park project and its sale to Union County.  You may recall a referendum on that project was voted down.

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They also told you, if elected, they’re going to champion state and federal issues. A wise state assemblyman once told me that serving on the borough council is about filling pot holes and solving local issues. If you want to deal with bigger picture issues, you need to run for a higher office than councilperson.

Maintaining and improving the borough is always a question of priorities. There is always something that needs repair or improvement. In a given year there are always more projects than available resources, and there is always competition for those resources.  It’s the participation and input from residents, volunteers, board and committee members, borough employees and professionals that help the borough council establish the short and long-term priorities. There are also state regulations and mandates that can influence those priorities.  Large projects are typically planned and scheduled years in advance, often being phased in over time for financial reasons (bonding capacity, available yearly grants, etc.). 

That’s why local experience does matter; volunteer service on borough boards or committees allows you to interact with other community volunteers, borough professionals and members of council.  It gives you institutional knowledge, an understanding of the process and the laws that govern the process.  

Experience and knowledge is how we have been able to maintain our property values, our triple A bond ratings and why New Providence is consistently ranked as one of the best places to live in New Jersey.  

Vote for experienced candidates. Vote Councilman Dr. Bob Robinson and Nadine Geoffroy for New Providence Borough Council on Nov. 7th

-- Gary Kapner