What makes New Providence great?  I am sure you have heard this question asked and addressed many times in the past. In answering this question, people mention the great schools, the Borough’s close proximity to New York City and mass transit, the quaint center of town and other amenities as well as the many accolades the town has received in various publications.  While all these answers are in part correct, residents of our town know that at the core the true answer is the people

New Providence is a proud, strong, welcoming, caring and compassionate town.  It is a community comprised of individuals who for years have eagerly given of themselves in order to make a positive contribution.  Whether it be volunteering in our many community and religious organizations, schools, athletic organizations or giving one’s time as a first responder in our volunteer Fire Department or Rescue Squad.  Generous and good individuals like these residents and many others help to make our community what it is today. 

Participating in our local government is of course another avenue by which individuals choose to serve and it is at this time of year that we as residents are faced with a decision about who we will elect to lead our community.  This year we have four individuals seeking two seats on our New Providence Borough Council.  That is something that is truly admirable. 

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In evaluating the candidates for this position of great responsibility, I believe one should look very carefully at the experience, background, skill set, ability to listen and gather differing points of view as well as vision that each would bring to the office. 

In looking at the decision in the upcoming election on November 7th, I believe the choice is clear that Dr. Bob Robinson and Nadine Geoffroy would be most capable of delivering the greatest positive impact for our community.  As a NP Borough Council Member for 10 years and lifetime resident, Dr. Bob Robinson has the experience and proven track record of accomplishment.  For example, Dr. Bob Robinson has served as the Chair/Vice Chair of various committees and has played a role in delivering results like improving our fields and facilities.  In the case of Nadine Geoffroy, you also have a resident with a strong background of volunteerism and experience whether it be in the PTA/PTO, or serving on the New Providence Planning Board. Nadine Geoffroy would also bring valuable financial experience to the Council as she is both a CPA as well as an MBA (in Finance).

As discussed in countless management books, delivering strong results requires not only having good people but having the right people in the right position.  While all four candidates should be commended for their desire to serve our community (because that is what makes our community great), I believe you will find that it is Dr. Bob Robinson and Nadine Geoffroy that are the best qualified and the right individuals to serve on our Borough Council.   

Peter DeSarno