NEW PROVIDENCE, NJ - New Providence's Lesley-Anne Caporelli doesn't read while she's waiting in airports, she writes.

Caporelli carries a book with her that contains stories and sketches. Last month, one of those stories, a children's book titled: "Can I Bring a Giraffe on the Plane?" is now selling on, where her author's page can be found.

Caporelli, a 1983 graduate of New Providence High, worked in the pharmaceutical industry for 20 years and during that period spent a lot time traveling and waiting in airports.

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"I used to travel a lot for business," Caporelli said. "I was always amazed at the families traveling to and from India with young children. I sat in a lot of airports for hours with no wi-fi. I would sit and write. I always have written, but I never did anything about it."

When her youngest daughter enrolled at Rutgers two years ago, Caporelli put her energy into publishing her first children's book.

"My mind is always active," Caporelli said. "I can't watch TV for more than 10 minutes."

Can I Bring a Giraffe on the Plane? is about a young child taking an airplane ride to visit his relatives.

"He's going to visit his grandparents and he wants to bring a friend," Caporelli said. "He can bring one friend and which one should it be. At the end of the book you find out who he decides to bring. I like to write children's books because I find you can be really silly in them."

It didn't really hit home for Caporelli, 49, that she had published her first book until the photos started coming in from friends and relatives.

"When I saw a photo of a child reading my book, that was very emotional," Caporelli said. "That was a really good moment. I sold one copy in India. I used to work with a person named Rajesh, who always has this huge smile and I based the character on him. He bought a copy."

The book was illustrated by Tina Modungo and edited by Caporelli's daughter, Amy Vaughn.

Caporelli has idea for another book about a rabbit. That one would be a chapter book.