On January 10, a delegation of New Providence High School students assisted by the Summit YMCA, attended the regional 2010 YMCA Model United Nations event in Hershey Park, Pennsylvania. Tim Paine, the current Model U.N. General Secretary and senior at NPHS, orchestrated the weekend event which was attended by over 1,300 students.

New Providence brought 66 students, in large part because students like Tim have built the most successful program at the conference. Tim was joined by students Viraj Mehta, David Hays, Ally Brown and Michelle Agresti who were chairs of their respective committees. In addition, next year's conference will also be led by a New Providence student, junior David Hays, who was elected 2011 Secretary General.

New Providence students who received awards at the conference include: Aditi Padmanabhan, Gabe Lyons, Viraj Mehta, Dylan Minto, Brian Azula, Lev Litichevskiy, Alexander Sherman, Eric Pfalzgraf, Abby Schwarz, Jake Verdugo, Jeremy Sisk, Britney Peterson, and Nick Espisito.

New Providence students were also nominated to participate in this summer's YMCA Youth Conference on National Affairs, a gathering of High School students from across the nation at the YMCA Blue Ridge Assembly. Only 25 kids of the weekend's 1,300 students can attend. 12 alternates were also nominated. New Providence will be sending two definite attendees, David Hays and Dan Roberson, and two possible attendees in Aditi Padmanabhan and Allyson Brown.

As a result of Tim Paine's leadership, thousands of dollars in cash and food was raised and donated to the Bethesda Mission. These donations will help hundreds of needy people in the Harrisburg, PA area. Tim also initiated a recycling program. Each year the delegates throw out their binders, which are filled with unused paper. At the end of this conference, students donated their binders to underprivileged kids in the Washington D.C. area. Now these kids will have simple tools for academic success.