There has been no greater honor than to serve you as Mayor of our great community. The past four years have been stellar for New Providence. We have made great strides and accomplished many great things together. We are a growing and changing community with a proud tradition of excellence that has been my deepest honor and privilege to serve and uphold.

Together we are at our strongest. Together we are at our best.

Great people make a great community, and ours is pretty incredible.

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Proven leadership, experience, commitment to our community, coupled with my vast network, resources, ability to bring people together, and work well closely with our residents, most beneficially forges New Providence ahead. 

I care. I care deeply about you, about us, about New Providence, and about our future.

Building community is the cornerstone of my service and my vision for New Providence. My vision for New Providence is a safe, thriving, vibrant, welcoming, inclusively diverse, family friendly community, that is affordable, close-knit, interactive, and fully engaged in all that a small hometown community can offer for our children, young families, adults, and for our seniors. Building community, ensuring safety, preserving our small hometown environment, and our quality of life, while broadening our business and economic growth, keeping costs down and tackling vital issues facing our community while promoting growth and innovation is my top priority. With your support, we can continue to build a vibrant, safe and affordable New Providence together.

Knowing the value of a dollar, having worked two and three jobs at a time over the years to make ends meet,  I fully understand the daily struggles and sacrifices many of our families endure to afford to reside here. I never loose sight of that in all that I do as your Mayor. My own children live, work, and are raising their family here. I am continually working tirelessly to help keep New Providence as affordable as possible without sacrificing our high quality of life standards and our many outstanding services. I am the first to roll up my sleeves to help, rise to every challenge and crisis, promote innovation at every opportunity, and am always willing to explore every possible resource and avenue to move us ahead.

Helping people, public safety, and prudent financial standards guide my every step as your Mayor. 

A good Mayor is above pettiness and keeps focus on our big picture, able to navigate and do right by our community, despite obstacles. Being a good Mayor is what I have completely committed my life to. These are the values I espouse and what being a good Mayor means to me: 

  • Keeping our community safe above all else, taking leadership, being pro-active and having a plan to prevent situations with the ability to snap into action when a crisis arises, bringing in all available resources, is what being a good Mayor means to me. It means stepping up, taking charge, and taking action when situations arise, and making tough decisions under pressure. 
  • Being a good Mayor to me means taking responsibility, not making excuses. 
  • To me, being a good Mayor means supporting economic growth, business development, and innovation, while continually striving to keep costs down for our community at every turn. 
  • It means being supportive of our invaluable volunteers, and encourage innovations.
  • Being a good Mayor to me means being accountable, transparent, and carefully guarding hard earned taxpayer dollars, always advocating, and doing what is right by our community.
  • To me, being a good Mayor means having a true commitment to community, community building, and being able to adapt, grow, promote, support, and be welcoming of all new families coming into our community while doing everything in my power to help keep our seniors here in our community close to family and friends. To me, a good Mayor is hands on, engaged, connected, attending, promoting, supporting, and providing community events and opportunities for people to engage and interact with each other. 
  • Being a good Mayor means being understanding, patient, open minded, and able to work with people who may feel very differently about ideas, but they are included anyway. 
  • Being a good Mayor to me is having a real vision for our ever changing and growing community. 

Thank you for allowing me this great honor of serving you and this community as your Mayor. With your support, I will continue to uphold our strong values and be New Providence’s biggest cheerleader, advocating and representing you to the very best of my ability, promoting community, business and economic growth, fighting to keep costs down and our services up, while promoting our hometown pride and spirit. My door has and will always be open to you to discuss any issue, concern, or idea at any time. 

Together with your support, we will continue to forge New Providence ahead in our proud PIONEER SPIRIT and tradition of excellence, preserving our small hometown community way of life. Together we will continue to do great things!

Yours in New Providence,

Mayor Al Morgan  

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Mayor Al Morgan invites the community to a free gathering on Wednesday, Sept 26th 7 to 9 p.m. at the Paca Club, 1 William Paca Place, New Providence. This is a free, family friendly community event. Refreshments will be served.