I am running as a write-in candidate for Borough Council.  I am running because there are actions the Council should be addressing.  The reason I am a write-in candidate is it is not beneficial for candidates to run unopposed for an office.  Competition and exchange of ideas and proposals is essential for a thriving democracy.  All candidates should identify their views, their plans, their perspectives and more.  I have heard a great deal about my opponent’s time in New Providence, their commitment, their faith, and more.  I am not here to diminish my opponents, but I do feel they should be willing to comment on the specific proposals I have presented.  

This week I am making a-number-of proposals.  My opponents should be willing to respond to them and explain why they are actions which should not take place.  The proposals fall into four areas.  

Citizen participation. None of the actions proposed currently take place.

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  1. Publish Council meeting minutes within ten days.
  2. Conduct monthly Town Halls 
  3. Respond to all citizen correspondence
  4. Allow citizen input early in Council meetings
  5. Distribute written reports from all committees
  6. Review and update the Borough website

Environment.   These proposals should be included in a “Green” plan

  1. Electric vehicle fleet and public charging stations
  2. Educate citizens on waste reduction, lawn chemical reduction, and efficient homes. 
  3. Develop safe bicycle routes
  4. Install rain gardens where appropriate
  5. Institute “Green” business recognition program
  6. Review progress on 2016 Community Forestry Management Plan resolution


  1. Advocate for reform of party line ballot system 
  2. Advocate for “open primaries.”
  3. Advocate against fossil fuels

Social Justice

  1. During the summer the Council committed to supporting “listening sessions” regarding race and social justice issues.  It’s time to make it happen.  

Almost all the proposals above are easily accomplished with no significant budget impact. They primarily require a recognition of some realities and a commitment to act on those realities.  There are certainly other areas which deserve the attention of the Council.  I have focused on those which can make a quick, positive impact on the level of participation and the quality of life of the citizens of New Providence.

Vote for your “Personal Choice” on the ballot:  Allen Swanson “Member of Council.”