As a lifelong Pioneer and member of the New Providence Board of Education (BOE), I am seeking re-election for my 3rd term. My name is Mary Badgley Misiukiewicz. During my tenure on the BOE, I have been Chairwoman of the Curriculum Committee, I am currently the Chairwoman of the Personnel Committee and I have served 6 years as the liaison to the Union County Educational Service Commission.

Your vote will allow me to continue doing the work that is underway in our district. The district has completed the Five-Year Strategic planning process. Some of the goals that I would like the opportunity to work on, in collaboration with our Administration, is the implementation of a robust Social and Emotional Learning curriculum grades K-12, as well as the monitoring of the building/housing development (Bard Property) and its impact on our schools. And finally, having the opportunity to work alongside our finance committee to ensure we are diligently monitoring our programs to minimize the tax burden on our taxpayers.

When you arrive at the Polls or mail-in ballot, Vote for Misiukiewicz and Killea - We are proven BOE leaders (incumbents). We will continue to work with the administration and the community to improve student achievement. We will drive results for the benefit of all NP Students.