As we approach Election Day on November 6th, Rupa Kale and John FX Keane want to articulate their positions on key issues. This is the first in a series of position papers.

During their conversations with residents, Rupa and John have frequently fielded questions regarding the new household recycling rules. Recent changes have had a substantial impact on our local recycling program. These changes make it essential for our community to transform our habits and discover new ways to reduce waste.

In addition to seeking alternate options for household recycling via partnerships with neighboring towns as well as tapping into existing Union County resources; Rupa and John have several specific, cost-efficient recommendations to make New Providence a model city by going green including:

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Install solar panels on all Borough buildings: Solar panels will pay for themselves over time since, by law, New Providence will be able to return electricity to the grid and be compensated for it. We already have them on all the school buildings and can leverage lessons learned.

Convert all Borough vehicles to electric: When we put a vehicle out of commission, we should replace it with an electric car. Again, they will pay for themselves over the years.

Eliminate single-use plastic bags and plastic straws in New Providence businesses: We will work with businesses to eliminate single-use plastic bags and plastic straws over two years. This will reduce refuse and reduce costs for our businesses, and for the Borough for removal and recycling. 

Increase the capacity of the community garden: We should encourage its use and increase its capacity to meet the demand from residents and make New Providence a more sustainable community.

Create a community composting site at the community garden: A shared composting site has several benefits. It would reduce the waste in our system, support community gardening and reduce the cost for garbage collection.

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