My name is Lisa Mandelblatt and I am running to be your next Assemblywoman in New Jersey’s 21st Legislative District.

I’m an attorney, educator, community leader, mom, and a former candidate for Congress. In February 2018, in an effort to unite the party, I ended my campaign and endorsed Tom Malinowski. I worked tirelessly for Tom and am proud of the work I did to help get him elected. During the 2018 election cycle I heard from residents across the district. They all have many of the same concerns:

  • They want quality healthcare and they want to be able to pay for their prescription drugs;

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  • They want their kids in strong public schools, where they spend their days actively learning rather than in active shooter drills;

  • They want an affordable place to raise a family, including seniors on a fixed income

  • They want clean water and clean air for their children;

  • They want a government that will budget responsibly and help lower the tax burden on middle-class families

  • And they would really like to see NJTransit get its act together.

These are issues that must be tackled at the state level. But we need representatives who are willing to do just that. And that’s why I am running for Assembly.

Beating the incumbents is not going to be easy. But they have a voting record that is antithetical to the values of the residents of this district. They sat idly by while Governor Christie killed the ARC tunnel and gutted NJTransit, severely affecting communities like ours. They are both NRA endorsed and vote time and again against sensible gun violence prevention laws. Despite one opponent being a nurse, they both voted repeatedly to deny women access to basic healthcare. And even though they pretend to be moderates, follow the playbook of other extremists and have attempted multiple times to restrict ballot access to eligible voters..

I am so proud to be running alongside Stacey Gunderman. Stacey and I share the same values and will fight tirelessly for you to modernize our public transportation, invest in infrastructure and education, reduce our tax burden, support small businesses and make the tough decisions to fix the fiscal crisis to ensure New Jersey’s solvency today and for future generations.

Stacey and I hope that we can count on your support.