I am running as a write-in candidate for Borough Council. I entered this race because I have a message. Also, because democracy does not work when candidates run unopposed.  

The usual candidate’s statement spends lots of time talking about everything a candidate has done in his or her life. I can do that, I have all the usual qualifications, post graduate degree, administrative career experience, Chairmanships and Board Director history, military service, volunteer and advocacy experience, previous political experience, family and more. I would prefer to tell you what I think we should do in New Providence to make it better. 

I have nothing against the good people who are our elected leaders, I just think there are issues and actions they can take which they have overlooked. I know everyone will not agree with my proposals and views. I accept that, and I am always willing to have fact based, non-toxic discussions about my views. I take the approach in my proposals of asking “Why shouldn’t we do it”?  

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My proposals below are not exhaustive, but they cover what I think are some important areas that could use some attention.


We need a plan that addresses the following:

  • Educating techniques to reduce household waste 
  • Promote environmentally safe and healthy landscapes
  • Create an electric vehicle fleet and charging stations
  • Promote “Green” construction and building operation
  • Support fossil fuel reduction programs
  • Assist businesses with implementation of single use bans

Communication with Citizens

We need a government that is pro-active in encouraging citizen input.  Here are a number of easy actions:

  • Review and update all Web and media sites
  • Schedule town hall meetings
  • Publish meeting minutes in a timely manner
  • Allow citizen comments at meetings early in the agenda
  • Include explanations of resolutions in agendas
  • Written summaries of Advisory Committee input
  • Continue live-streaming of meetings after Covid-19 restrictions end

Advocacy and Politics

Our leaders say they are concerned about local issues, yet 60% of the funding for the 2019 Council election came from outside New Providence.

  • Reject outside influence on campaigns and decisions
  • Reject the current primary ballot system in New Jersey
  • Advocate for Federal funding of the Hudson River tunnel project. Protect our property values. 
  • Advocate against new pipelines and fossil fuel power plants, across the state

What I am advocating does not require significant increased funding. Most of it requires a recognition of realities and adjusting priorities accordingly.  I repeat my initial question: “Why shouldn’t we do these things”?

Go to the “Personal Choice” row on your ballot and write-in Allen Swanson for Member of Council.