Connected to our Community,

For many years, Michele Matsikoudis and Rob Munoz have served our community in leadership positions through local politics, the school system and varied community activities. Michele and Rob are important parts of the past and present fabric of our wonderful town. They are the best candidates to serve on the New Providence Borough Council in large part because of their personal connection to our community and a record of responding to residents’ issues and concerns.

A few years ago, several residents brought their neighborhood public safety concerns to their friend and neighbor Rob Munoz. The speed limit on Central Avenue and the dangerous intersection at Central Avenue and Maple Street were of great concern to them. Several accidents over the years and a recent fatality had occurred at that intersection. As a member of the Borough Council, Rob spearheaded the initiative to decrease the speed limit for that section of Central Avenue and the installation of a traffic light at that highly traveled intersection located in the vicinity of Salt Brook School. It was his connection to the community that made our lives better and safer. Thank you Rob.

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Michele Matsikoudis has more energy than any three people I know combined. As a mother, a local Realtor and past President of the Salt Brook and Middle School PTA’s she is highly respected as a person who “gets things done”. In her role as a community leader, residents often reach out to Michele for advice and assistance. One example of this occurred early in the morning on Pine Court just a few weeks ago. A resident there awoke to several pieces of Borough equipment and workers outside of his home about to remove all of the trees on their beloved island with the directive to eventually pave the island. In that desperate moment he called Michele who responded quickly and effectively. Michele’s actions that morning directly led to the stoppage of that unannounced project. Her connection to the community saved the island and the day for that neighborhood. Thank you Michele.

Rob and Michele are energetic, approachable and experienced leaders who will work hard to achieve our future shared visions for New Providence through their active involvement in our day-to-day lives. They have worked very hard for us so far and have promised to do so for many years to come. You or a loved one may be the next person to need assistance. If so, you will find Michele and Rob ready to help. They are both committed and connected to our community. Michele Matsikoudis and Rob Munoz are the best candidates to serve on the New Providence Borough Council. Thank you for your consideration.


Dr. Bob Robinson

New Providence Borough Council