When I think of great leaders in this town, two names immediately come to mind.  

They are Nadine Geoffroy and Lisa McKnight.

What can I say that you don’t already know?  I have known both of these women for many years. During that time I have come to respect and admire them both on a personal and professional basis.  They are the epitome of kind-hearted, hardworking women that serve our community and help to make it better.

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While I watched Nadine serve on Borough Council for the last 3 years, I was a fan way before that.  Nadine and I were executive board members together on the Salt Brook PTA, and she was my daughters Girl Scout leader.   More recently, I had the privilege of serving as her Campaign Manager when she ran for Council in 2016. This allowed me to see up close how hard she worked.  Serving on Borough Council with Nadine has been a wonderful experience. She puts the needs of our town first and foremost. Her appointments on Council include Chair of our Finance, Diversity, and Communications Committees, as well as a number of other assignments.  She does this all while displaying thoughtful leadership in making impactful decisions. 

Although I haven’t worked directly with Lisa McKnight, I have been admiring her leadership and commitment to the community for quite a while.  She is hardworking and devoted not only to her family and friends, that adore her, but also to those she works and volunteers with.  Lisa is currently employed as a Certified Financial Planner at Lassus Wherley & Associates right here in New Providence.  She has held several leadership positions within the Financial Planning Association Women’s Group and soon to be on the Board of Directors for the Financial Planning Association.  She has been an active member within our own Communities Service Association (CSA) for many years serving as Treasurer and President.  As President, she led the initiative to steer CSA away from the restrictive grant policies of United Way allowing it to become solely reliant upon our own fund-raising abilities. She helped to turn the CSA into a major philanthropic organization that has become ingrained in the fabric of our town. As a result, CSA is a household name, raising money to help so many of those in need. Lisa’s contributions to New Providence have already left an indelible mark on our community.  I can only imagine what great things she will accomplish for us in the future.  

I have had the opportunity to watch and listen to both Nadine and Lisa with admiration as they tackle the issues of our community with compromise to benefit ALL the citizens of our community.  My observation of these ladies would be defined by honesty, devotion, and a work ethic that is beneficial to all of New Providence.  They are BOTH laser focused while keeping in mind our common goal of continuing to improve this wonderful town.

Join me as I place my vote and full support for 

Nadine Geoffroy and Lisa McKnight for New Providence Borough Council!