This has been a time unlike any most of us have ever lived. Nearly all forms of entertainment and public gathering are closed or extremely limited, cutting us off from human interaction as we have come to know it.

I wish to thank the brave board and management of the New Providence Community Pool for enabling us access to that important resource during this time of limitations.

By opening the pool, they provided us with a means of healthy outdoor activity, safe social interaction and a wonderful escape from the pressure and anxiety of each summer day.  The pool provided summer jobs in a clean, attractive environment and a wonderful place for us to meet neighbors.

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The “new” basketball courts provided an additional form of entertainment and exercise and was in constant use on my visits to the pool.  I’m sure this opportunity for children to interact with friends they had not been able to safely spent time with in months was most appreciated by parents and children alike.

Like many adults, I enjoy swimming, but more than that, I love the pool community.  I love watching gaggles of children playing in the water, I love watching people doing tricks off the diving boards, and I enjoy casual conversations with fellow visitors whom I may not even know by name. 

I exchanged book recommendations, comments about how thankful we were about the pool, admiring comments about the swimming skills of lap swimmers and sunscreen comparisons with people I had never met, but saw regularly at the pool.

The pool is a place I have always associated with happiness and I want to thank each and every person who made it possible for me and others like me this summer.