It’s been two weeks since Councilman Rob Muñoz invited candidate Everitt to debate the issues in a public forum.  The League of Women Voters agreed to host the debate if all candidates agreed to participate.  Michele Matsikoudis happily accepted the opportunity to discuss the important issues facing our community and to highlight her qualifications and experience.  Unfortunately, John Everitt has not responded to Councilman Munoz’s letter.

May 9th, 2019


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On June 4th, the Republican Party in New Providence will have its primary election to nominate their candidates for the general election this fall.  The Republican voters in New Providence have a choice, and their voices deserve to heard. 

Currently, there are three candidates running in this primary election but only two will be chosen to move forward and face the Democratic challenger in November.

Ultimately, as you and I are the opposing candidates seeking the party’s nomination, we are obligated to make our case to the voters.  

I invite you to join me in a candidate’s forum so the entire Republican Party of New Providence can hear our respective visions.   

Finally, I have been clear that I fully support Michele Matsikoudis, and hope to run with her in November.  As I think her perspective should also be shared with the entire Republican Party in New Providence, I will also contact Michele separately and invite her to join us.

I look forward to hearing from you soon so we may settle on the date and location for this event as quickly as possible.


Rob Munoz

Why is John unwilling to debate Councilman Rob Muñoz and Michele Matsikoudis? What are John’s reasons for running for office? Why does he believe he’s a stronger candidate than Councilman Munoz?   To date John’s Campaign has not released any information.

New Providence Republicans have a right to ask questions and learn about candidate Everitt's relevant experience and qualifications. What is John’s position on some of the important issues facing New Providence, Affordable Housing, Over Development, Traffic & Congestion, Speeding, Downtown Parking, Athletic Fields, the Shared Dispatch Center, the Municipal Budget and Taxes?  A public debate hosted by the League of Women Voters is an excellent forum for New Providence Republicans and Independents to learn about John, Councilman Rob Munoz and Michele Matsikoudis.

If John is unwilling to debate his fellow Republicans, is he willing and able to debate the Democrats? Is John a good candidate for the Republican ticket in November? Is John a strong enough candidate to beat the Democrats in November?  The clock is ticking on our ability to get answers to these questions and time is running short. The time window needed to schedule and promote a candidate debate is quickly closing. Is John’s strategy to let the clock run out to avoid debating Councilman Munoz?  Running for office because you have the “right friends” is wrong for New Providence.

Gary Kapner

Resident & New Providence small business owner

Former member to the New Providence Borough Council