Imagine, A Center for Coping with Loss held its annual board retreat on Saturday April 14th at its center in Mountainside.  "It was a valuable, thought-provoking, and educational day for all of us," said John Toriello, Chair of Governance.  "The board and staff worked together to establish the goals of the retreat and facilitate the agenda.  It was a great team effort.  Our focus was on our three-year strategic plan and our Development efforts." 

Pictured, from left, at the retreat are:  Mandi Zucker, Westfield, Imagine Program Director; Suzanne Glatt, Springfield, Board Member; Claude Fusco, Westfield, Board Member; Mary Claire Givelber, Westfield, Board Member; John Toriello, Esq., Westfield, Board Member; Eleanor Peris, Scotch Plains, Board Member: Diana Miller, CPA, New Providence, Board Member; Jane McCready, New Providence, Board Member; Ron Zuzovsky, Mountainside, Board Member; Robert Koppel, Westfield, Board Member; Mary Robinson, Madison, Executive Director; Kathy Vergel, Westfield, Development Director; Stu Arnold, Westfield, Board Member; Connie Palmer, Scotch Plains, Clinical Training Director.  Present but not pictured are Lisa Wagner, Basking Ridge, Board Member; Sara Jane Armuth, Westfield, Board Member.  Board members unable to attend were Dr. Jennifer Simpson, Westfield; Steve Guberer, Westfield; and Ken Soriero, Esq. Westfield.