LinkedIn is now an essential tool for anybody in the business world. It’s a self-sustaining way to keep tabs on your clients and colleagues. The following five tips will make sure you are utilizing this tool to its fullest capacity.

·         Export Your Connections

Looking to create a list for your latest outreach? Look no further than exporting your connections. Filter through your connections to reach your target audience and make a customizable list for a sales outreach. The filters are fairly accessible ranging from the connections field to the geographic location of your contacts. All excellent tools to help segment your customer list.

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·         Familiarize Connections

What better way to make a great first impression than to know about your connections before meeting with them in person? Familiarizing yourself with a person’s work experience and even aspects of their personality is a great way to start building relationships with a future client or engage in an interview.

·         Keep Your Profile Up To Date

Spending a lot of time focusing on connections is important. Remember, there is someone out there going through the same steps as you. Keeping your profile up to date is a benefit because it presents all of your professional experience. It is important not to leave out key details. Maintaining a well groomed profile comes off as someone who has attention to detail and is a trustworthy person. Keep your profile up to date and present yourself as the valuable worker that you are.

·         Take Your LinkedIn Mobile

Need a quick reference? Perhaps you forgot to take notes before the latest networking event? Like all social media, LinkedIn has a mobile app that is very handy when you are on the go. Have your LinkedIn account ready for use on all devices. This leads to the next tip.

·         Sync Your Account

The life of an entrepreneur or job hunter does not stop at your convenience. There are developments happening in people’s careers all the time. Time is of the essence with these developments. Perhaps an important person is off assignment or has switched jobs. You could potentially be the first the reach out to them!  Or a new opportunity has been posted on the site. Be the first to spot the job and send in your resume, those initial minutes can make a huge difference for career changes. Always keep your account in sync with your devices so you can streamline your workflow.

I would like to thank Patrick Coughlin for his help on preparing this article with me. Patrick is a Marketing Analyst at Consultants 2 Go. Don’t forget, you can email me at with any questions you might have and I’ll be glad to answer them. You can also follow my business and me on Twitter @peggymchale and @consultants2go.