Within a blink of an eye, summer is already coming to a close. Students are beginning to flock to stores to start their back to college shopping. If you were fortunate enough to have your summer internship extended into the fall semester, start planning your time now. This will be a real test to see if you can keep everything balanced and ensure your employer stays satisfied with your work. Here is a list of what to expect when you get back to school:

1. What To Expect: Work. Whichever year you are about to begin you know there will be countless assignments and exams throughout the semester. You need to expect the same amount of work from your internship as you would from one of your classes. That means you need to stay focused, plan ahead, and be ready to work. These strategies will maximize your time and will help you manage your workload.

2. How to Prepare: You will need to make sacrifices and trade-offs on your time. If you’re entering your senior year of college, you should know how many tests, papers, or other assignments are expected. You should also know your schedule for clubs, sports, and social activities. You will need to prioritize these activities and make decisions on what is most important for your future. Maintain control of your calendar, decide what is important, and figure out a way to balance your schedule. If you begin to feel overwhelmed, send an email. Communicating with your employer is extremely important. Send weekly emails and keep your employer updated with your schedule so they know when you are available for work.

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3. What Are the Benefits: You will get a chance to work at a company while being at your college, your second home. This may lead to a permanent job offer. This is also a great way to prepare for “the real world.”  You can build some consistencies and structure into your everyday schedule and set goals for yourself as well. You’ll be better off in the end not only as a student and employee, but also as a human being.

An internship during the school year is a great opportunity but it takes time management skills. Keep your schedule updated and make sure you keep your employer in the loop. Communication through emails and phone calls are great ways to keep them updated. As for the upcoming semester be ready to work diligently and prepare to succeed. Take this advice and be ready to exceed expectations!

I would like to thank John Marques for his help on writing this article. John is a senior at Drew University and a marketing intern at Consultants 2 Go. Don’t forget, you can email me at Peggy@Consultants2Go.com with any questions you might have and I’ll be glad to answer them. You can also follow my business and me on Twitter @peggymchale and @consultants2go.