NEW PROVIDENCE, NJ -  Harlee's Tap and Grille, located at 1260 Springfield Avenue in New Providence, is offering family style meals at a price that anybody can afford. This is in addition to Harlee's full menu that is available for take-out service and free local delivery at 20 percent discount. Call 908-679-8692.

Don Burkitt, owner of Harlee's, posted on his Facebook page, "Amidst this unprecedented crisis with many restaurants announcing full and partial closings, we are working hard to keep our doors open for the community and keep as many of our staff employed as possible." 

During this time of crisis, Burkitt then reached out to the community asking, "if you, or someone you know, is suffering financially through this challenging time to which our current specials are still not economically feasible, please don't go without for your family. Pay what you can afford or call us at 908.679.8692 and we'll be happy to feed you or your family."

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This program is evolving, as people heard about his offer, they have been contributing towards the meals for families in need.  "So many people are eager to help other families," he said. So, with that, he urges people who could use the help not be shy.  "Everyone's willing to give. -- People don't know how," he said. "You know, it's not just the businesses giving back -- it's about the families that want to give back in New Providence," he said.

Burkitt knows from his days as a cub scout leader, people who need help, are pretty reluctant to ask for it. He asks that families privately contact him to let him know they could use the help by calling 908.679.8692.  

In these times of uncertainty, the impossible ask is trying to get people that are supposed to be sheltering in, to venture out, Burkitt said. "Because the real answer is people have to shop or small businesses go under. And it's an impossible ask right now -- that's the reality."

Before Governor Murphy shut down restaurants to just take-out, business was at 50 to 60 percent sales -- which is tough, he said. "And then when it goes to takeout, my takeout has been good. However, I'm doing a quarter of my business on take-out alone."

As with most restaurants in the area that are able to stay open on take-out alone, Harlee's will stay open as long as they possibly can. 

"We're still doing the full menu -- we're doing specials, we never did delivery, we're now doing free local delivery and we're doing curbside pickup, which is a nice option for people don't want to get out of the car," he said. You can also purchase beer and wine "in original containers."