NEW PROVIDENCE, NJ - Tide Cleaners in New Providence offers free cleaning to front line responders in the community. Click here for details of their Hope, Tide Cleaners program. 

Tide Loads of Hope powered by Tide Cleaners to provide free laundry and dry cleaning to the immediate Family of Front Line Responders Medical (Paramedics, Doctors, Nurses, Hospital and Medical Staff, Medical Researchers), Police Officers, Fire Fighters. 

"The nation has been hit by a terrible disease that has caused unprecedented impact on consumers’ health, the way of living, and caused businesses to shut down. There is a lot of uncertainty in the world today. Many cities and states have moved to shelter in place, and Front Line responders are doing everything to keep us safe. They are on the front lines ensuring our wellbeing and fighting the pandemic, while at times many of their family’s needs are not being taken care of," said the Tide Cleaners website.

Tide Cleaners is located at 50 South Street in New Providence. Call 908.464.4520.