NEW PROVIDENCE, NJ - Residents of New Providence are planning an art installation to begin on Flag Day, June 14, to celebrate the 300th anniversary of the town (1720-2020). Most Tricentennial events have been canceled or postponed due to virus isolation protocols. This project is a way to keep spirits up and show how powerful people can be if they work together. 

E Pluribus Unum (Latin for Out of Many, One) was a favorite motto of the founding fathers. This art installation symbolizes the town, founded in colonial days, coming together as one to make something larger than anyone alone could create.  

“Anyone in New Providence- a group, a family, a sports team or an organization is welcome to design and decorate a square of cotton fabric with weather-safe markers or paints, “ said Patricia Jacobs, Executive Director of the New Providence- Our Community For All.  “Then squares will be collected and strung like pennant flags on ropes from the roof lines and railings of the large pavilion in Centennial Park. The park is visible from downtown making it easy for pedestrians and drivers to see. The flags will be on full display for several weeks. Make a flag! Join in the fun!” 

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Suggested themes for the flags include, what you love about New Providence, things you have learned or enjoyed during your time spent at home, what are you looking forward to when life returns to a more normal pace? Most importantly—what do you love about New Providence?  

The flags will create a sea of colorful green, gold and white—New Providence’s colors. Artwork and craftwork will highlight individual names and messages of solidarity and town pride, waving in the wind. The project serves as a vision for everyone to enjoy life together until everyone can be outside relaxing in the parks again. This is a project everyone can work on safely at home and admire together once social gatherings are allowed.  “We had a blast working on ours,” said Stacey Gunderman, co-chair of the event. “Our boys were quick to say what was most important to them!”  

Girl Scouts from Troupe 40380 in New Providence are providing a lot of the manpower for the project. They are cutting the fabric into squares, making packets for families, and they will be assembling the individual flags into the final display.  New Providence Diversity Committee is also on board with outreach to many local groups and help with the final installation in Centennial Park.  New Providence-Our Community For All is the nonprofit group organizing the art effort.   

Fabric squares will be available for pick up in the municipal center foyer. Everyone of all ages is encouraged to participate—particularly high school seniors, sports teams, clubs and groups. Prizes will be awarded for the most beautiful, most creative and funniest flags.    

If you would like to receive squares of fabric and get started, sign up with this link or email: