"Avast, me hearties! We found th' pirate booty! Come visit th' library t' hunt fer clues fer yer owns piece o' pirate (chocolate) gold!!"

This was a recent facebook post by the New Providence Memorial Library, getting its patrons into the excitement about its annual Community Read event. A community read is an effort to get the whole community reading books on a related topic at the same time. Last year, the library launched their first Community Read effort alongside the 200th anniversary of Mary Shelley's "Frankenstein." This year, the library is encouraging patrons to read and learn all about pirates, piracy and privateering.

The NPML has cultivated a list of over 60 different titles that are either about pirate and privateering history or are inspired by pirate lore. The list contains suggested reading for every age group from preschoolers & grade schoolers to teens & adults. Both fiction and nonfiction titles are included to either entertain or educate, depending on your interests. The hope, as is illustrated by their Community Read logo, is that patrons will READ about a common subject, THINK about that subject, and ENGAGE with friends and neighbors in their community about their shared experience.

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In addition to supplying a reading list, the New Providence Memorial Library is also hosting a number of pirate-themed events throughout the months of January, February and March to enhance the Community Read theme. From live performances on the history of pirates and privateers. to pirate-themed movies, and pirate games for children, there is no shortage of events that correlate with the theme. There is even an all-ages Pirate Treasure Hunt going on in the library as patrons search throughout the building for answers to pirate trivia and earn chocolate gold coins as prizes.

If you haven't been by the New Providence Memorial Library lately, be sure to check out the pirate fun that is happening now through the end of March!