Who wants to go on a Virtual Scavenger Hunt?

The New Providence Memorial Library, in conjunction with the New Providence Tricentennial Committee, has put together a virtual scavenger hunt to celebrate New Providence's Heritage Day. Since so many tricentennial festivities were cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic, this scavenger hunt is a virtual, online format, utilizing the GooseChase mobile app.

Participants will register in advance to be placed on teams. The hunt will run three times over the course of the weekend. Players can choose to play on Friday, June 12, on Saturday, June 13, or on Sunday, June 14. The game will reset each day for the new set of registered participants.

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Each day, the hunt kicks off at 8:00am. For the next 12 hours, it's a race to see which team of NP families, friends and neighbors can collect all of the clues first. The majority of the hunt will require players to take digital photos of specific historic locations throughout New Providence. For each clue location, players will learn a little tidbit of New Providence history from the founding in 1720 through current times.

All photos submitted will be uploaded to an album on the library's facebook page for everyone to view after the last day of the race has finished.

Since each day will pit three teams of up to ten devices per team against each other, a total of 90 deviced may register throughout the weekend. To claim your spot, email the library and specify the number of devices you are registering and which day you would like to play. The library will email the specific game code and password to enter on your assigned day.

All participants will need to download the GooseChase mobile app in order to play.

Come learn about New Providence history and have a fun day of traipsing around town while competing for bragging rights! Show us your Pioneer Pride and register today!