NEW PROVIDENCE, NJ – Car crashes are still far and away the #1 killer of our 15-20 year olds, causing 7 kids to leave home each day for the last time, with over 800 more suffering injuries. There are over 700,000 Teen Driving Crashes Each Year in the U.S.*

Lectures and pledges may help, but teaching new drivers the mental aspects of driving is the only way to reduce teen driving crashes for the long-term.

What were you thinking about the last time you got behind the wheel? The chances are good that it wasn’t about driving at all. It’s the same for our teenage drivers.

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A Key Element to any Safety program is ‘Top of Mind” Awareness, and Safe Driving is no different. Our life-saving decal provides the perfect solution It’s designed to be placed on the steering column or dashboard of almost any vehicle (never on windows or mirrors) and serves as an ‘in our face’ reminder of the 5 actions that we must be performing consistently while driving – “The 5 Essential Actions for Safe Driving TM.”  Performing these actions leaves NO TIME for Texting, Tweeting or Emailing.

Our Big Hairy Audacious Goal (BHAG for short) is to donate 1 Million of these life-saving decals to High School students and parents in all 50 states. The objective is to have one in every vehicle driven by a newly licensed or soon-to-be licensed teenager.  

The decals will be donated to High School students in all 50 states, either through the schools (by our valued Teachers and Administrators, as well as the local PD) or through DMVs in participating states. Learn more about how you can support our project at:

The 5 Essential Actions Decal Project was designed by Bob Ragazzo, a certified Defensive Driving Instructor, with the help of input from hundreds of caring teachers and law enforcement officials. Bob is the Founder of the non-profit, Parents' Coalition to Stop Teen Driving Deaths NOW!  as well as the concerned Father of two young drivers.

About the Parents' Coalition to Stop Teen Driving Deaths Now, Inc.
The Parents' Coalition is a non-profit company, whose mission is to change the way our young drivers are trained. They accomplish this by teaching people of all ages about the mental aspects of driving (the cause of 9 out of 10 car crashes.) You can learn more about the Parents’ Coalition at:

*Traffic Safety Facts 2017 Data -  NHTSA