NEW PROVIDENCE, NJ – New Providence students and staff are rewarded with an additional day off during the Memorial Day weekend, Superintendent David Miceli announced at the Thursday, April 25 Board of Education (BOE) meeting. The district has built in four snow days in its schedule; however, the district used only two of them this winter. One of the unused snow days will be used as a day off on Friday, May 24. The other snow day is kept as an emergency reserve for any unforeseen circumstances requiring a school closure.

Additionally, the board approved the Lieder Field turf replacement project. The cost of the project is estimated at $500,000. The funds are coming from the capital reserves account.

Athletic Director Vincent Carangelo explained the upcoming improvements to the field. Miceli commended Carangelo and the district coaches for working together to ensure that the field meets each sport’s needs.

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Currently the field has more lines and a lot more colors: white for football, yellow for soccer, royal blue for boys lacrosse and red for girls lacrosse, Carangelo explained. The new design reduces the colors used to three with unified boys and girls lacrosse markings. This is not a major change but some current markings will be moved so that the boys and girls lacrosse lines will be unified. The new design has the same end line for both boys and girls lacrosse as well as for boys and girls soccer.

The turf will have alternating green shades every five yards. The middle of the field has a NP- athletics logo and “Pioneers” on each end of the field. The current field design doesn’t have any writing on the end zones. There will be a three stripe gold and white line that goes across the field at the 50 yard line. This will make it easier for players to know when they are about to go offside, Carangelo explained.

The new field design will make the soccer field size the standard 100 yards. The current markings make the soccer field 120 yard long.

The turf material will be the so called “cool play” product. The infill will be 51 percent mineral based and 49 percent synthetic. The infill will be green instead of the current black. The best feature of the new turf material is that it is able to cool the field over 30 degrees in the peak of the summer. “That is huge right now,” Carangelo said.

The field upgrade will also add safety netting along the field in order to create a safer environment for people on the track while a lacrosse game is going on, Carangelo explained.