As my first year on Council comes to a close, I find myself reflecting on the year and feel very proud of the work we have accomplished. I’m even more encouraged and excited about the future. We have a Mayor who was born and raised in town, shows up for practically every event and works tirelessly every day to make our town a great place to live. We have 6 Council members who respect each other, work extremely well together and work hard for every resident in New Providence. We have a great administration and Borough employees and a top of the class police department. We have an incredible volunteer EMS and Fire Department. Our volunteer boards and committees are filled with intelligent and energetic residents who all want what’s best for the Borough. It’s because of all of this that New Providence is one of the best places to live, best places to raise a family and one of the safest places in New Jersey. This did not happen by accident. This did not happen overnight. This is a result of many years of incredible leadership and planning.

This election there are 3 candidates running for 2 seats. When I look at all 3 candidates, I’m looking for the 2 that I believe will be able to hit the ground running, take a leadership role, be articulate and continue to keep New Providence a great, safe place to live. I’m looking for the 2 candidates that will work with the Mayor, Council and administration to continue to enact prudent policy and listen to the residents to ensure that they are heard and that their needs are met. I’m looking for the 2 best candidates that are running for the right reason, because they love New Providence.

I have received all the mailings and have read the social media posts and most importantly, I attended the Candidate Forum. It is clear to me who the best 2 candidates are: Rob Munoz and Michele Matsikoudis are clearly the right choice for New Providence Borough Council. First and foremost, Rob Munoz is a sitting Councilman running for re-election. His record speaks for itself. I am very honored to be able to work with Rob and I see first hand how thoughtful and intelligent he is. Rob Munoz and I met when our daughters were in Salt Brook Elementary together. I’ve watched Rob on Council through the years and he has been very steady and consistent. Rob has been involved and lead many projects and initiatives on Council over his last 9 years and his leadership is needed as we move forward. Michele Matsikoudis has been involved in leadership roles in both her work and through her volunteer activities in New Providence. Michele is exactly who I meant when I said we have intelligent and energetic volunteers. We have been very lucky to have Michele volunteering on countless boards and committees over the last decade. I have had the pleasure of watching Michele help run campaigns for current Councilwoman Nadine Geoffroy and Dr. Bob Robinson. I still remember when she stood up at a meeting to give a report to the committee and she commanded the room. I was blown away with her leadership style and ability to communicate with the entire audience. I’ve watched Michele at the Candidate Forum demonstrate a clear understanding of what the issues facing New Providence are and more importantly articulate clearly her thoughts and ideas. If you read through the mailings, spoke with Rob and Michele and watched the Candidate forum, I hope you will also see that they are the 2 best candidates. Please join me in voting for Rob Munoz and Michele Matsikoudis for New Providence Borough Council on November 5th.

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Matt Cumiskey


Borough of New Providence