November 5th is Election Day, and this year is an important one.  While there may not be any high-level offices at the top of the ticket this year,  the results of this election will still have a significant impact on our town: especially when it comes to the three candidates vying for the two Borough Council positions.

What are the characteristics that residents should consider when determining which candidates will best serve New Providence and take on the responsibility of this position? 

  • Voters should consider the professional background and town experience of the candidate.
  • Voters should consider the leadership qualities,  self-motivation, determination, and drive of the candidate.
  • Voters should consider the candidate's ability to work with residents as well as town employees and officials collaboratively and productively.
  • Voters should consider a candidate that is reflective and respective of the diversity of our residents of the Borough and their different perspectives.
  • Voters should consider a candidate who addresses the needs of our community today without compromising the needs of the community in the future.

ALL of these qualities are evident in the Matsikoudis and Munoz ticket for Borough Council.  Their qualifications for experience, leadership, and ability to work collaboratively and productively with others have already been well documented and are indisputable. 

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What sets Michele and Rob apart and above is they are also reflective and representative of our residents.  They represent and respect the different perspectives of our diverse community.  They also understand the importance of having both a short term and long term vision and commitment to the Borough.  

Stating the obvious, Michele is a woman – a working mom of younger adults who continues to be actively engaged with numerous sectors of the community while retaining a career.   Rob, on the other hand, is a Hispanic American with younger children interwoven into the community at many levels.  Both of these candidates and their families are rooted and engrained in the fabric of our town.

These two individuals bring perspectives relatable to many in the community.  Moms, both working and stay at home, will have eyes on the town that reflect their own.  The faces in New Providence are continually changing as families of various backgrounds move into town.  Rob and his family are part of that diversity, and he will continue to be a voice for all of our residents.  As parents, they are well aware of the concerns and challenges facing families in our community.

Finally, we mustn't just consider the impact that these candidates will have on New Providence over the next three years, but also the affect their actions will have for years to come. Michele and Rob are invested in New Providence and will make the decisions that are best for both the short term and long term success of the Borough.

Please join me in supporting Michele and Rob – the Matsikoudis and Munoz ticket for Borough Council on November 5th.  Their diverse perspectives and long term commitment to the Borough are essential for our ongoing success.  

Nadine Geoffroy,

NP Councilwoman