There has been tremendous growth in New Providence over the last 5-7 years including new residents, new businesses and our neighbors at Lantern Hill.  Residents voice a common concern, the inability to walk and drive safely, especially downtown.  They are especially concerned for senior residents and students.  

These are problems we can solve with input from residents, businesses and in partnership with Union County.   I will advocate for the following concrete steps when I am elected to New Providence Borough Council:

Post color-coded parking maps:   Signs that clearly mark available parking locations in the downtown business district would help drivers find parking and reduce congestion in popular locations.

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Designate employee parking zones:  Employees of the downtown businesses would be offered designated parking in the municipal lot and provided with a decal for their car.  This would free up coveted spots close to the businesses.

Implement right-turn only zones: Restricting left turns in the heavily trafficked downtown area would improve pedestrian and vehicular safety and decrease traffic congestion.  Traffic jams are often caused by drivers waiting for people in front of them to turn left.  

I recommend a zone that extends from the intersection of Gales Drive and South Street around the corner to the intersection of South Street and Academy.  I also recommend studying traffic patterns near the high school to see if another right-turn only zone is warranted.

Designate additional crosswalks to accommodate increased pedestrian traffic:  We can improve the walkability of New Providence by creating crosswalks that support new pedestrian traffic patterns.  For example, I recommend a crosswalk on Springfield Avenue between Gales Drive and South Street. 

To discuss these recommendations or for more information, visit my campaign website.