I believe that John FX Keane would be a valuable addition to the New Providence Borough Council. John's long tenure in New Providence includes many years on the Planning Board as well as his service in the Recreation Department and the Boy Scouts. This speaks for his undeniable experience in every aspect of how our town is run. When canvassing with John, I am always impressed with his ability to find commonalities with residents who may have different viewpoints than him. It is time to advance John's positions on pedestrian safety and traffic improvements as well as his desire to lead the Borough in becoming a more sustainable community.

I have seen firsthand John's ability to talk to candidly with neighbors who are upset about their high taxes or who disagree with him on certain aspects of traffic improvements. He handles it with a calm and logical response proving that John can effectively communicate across the aisle.

Please vote for John FX Keane on November 5th

Claire Maureen Pigott