Leadership and Dedication to Public Service for a Better New Providence

This is the tag line of Republicans for a Better New Providence. I would argue that no one running for Borough Council embodies the qualities of Leadership and Dedication to Public Service better than John FX Keane.

Leadership: John is the kind of guy who shows up, asks all the right questions, listens to the answers, and follows through to get things done. This is the definition of Leadership. He is deeply rooted in New Providence, and has great relationships with the Police Department, Public Works, and Borough Hall. When speaking with John, one always feels heard. He talks with people—not at people. He is soft-spoken, incredibly smart, wickedly funny, and a consummate problem solver. It’s not just me who thinks so: John has held leadership positions at JP Morgan Chase, Citibank, and BNY Mellon Bank. John shows up, listens, and makes a difference.

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Dedication to Public Service: In his 35 years in New Providence, John FX Keane has made his presence known. He has more experience on Borough Committees than the Republican candidates combined: 15 years on the Recreation Commission (9 years as chair); 10 years on the Planning Board (6 years as Vice Chair); 5 years on the Economic Development Committee (since its inception), where he serves as treasurer and manages the Downtown Improvement Account, The New Providence Public Art Account, Beautification Committee Account, and the Police Account. Oh yes, he’s also coached basketball, spent 9 years with the Bandwagon (supporting the NPHS Marching Band—the Pride and Class of New Providence) and chaired his son’s Boy Scout Troop. And he’s a 3-year member of the Lions Club. He is a dedicated problem-solver and is well known around Borough Hall.

For a Better New Providence: The three pillars of John’s Platform: Sustainability, Affordable Housing, and Pedestrian Safety are forward-looking and address the major issues the Borough needs to focus on in the coming years. Recent changes in recycling rules have made Sustainability a major issue. John’s campaign put out clear information about new recycling rules and is dedicated to reducing waste in the Borough. The new Affordable Housing ordinance is forefront in everyone’s mind. John has made it his mission to get the most information about this issue from the state level to the local. He has researched and spoken with assembly members on both sides of the aisle to understand the depth of this issue at the state level. With Democrats in control of the state legislature and Governorship, having a Democrat on Borough Council will only help New Providence get complete information and a clear path for communication to the decision-makers on how to improve the complex high-density housing issue. New Providence is thriving with new businesses downtown and new residences being built (even without the new zoning ordinance). Pedestrian safety is paramount. John is dedicated to work with the businesses, residents, and police to improve downtown foot traffic and promote a walkable New Providence. John has spent his 36 years in New Providence dedicated to making it better. He will continue that mission on Borough Council.

I encourage everyone to vote for John FX Keane because he is the epitome of Leadership and Dedication to Public Service for a Better New Providence.