We were disheartened to read our opponent’s most recent statement questioning our commitment to diversity in New Providence.   We have strived to keep our campaign positive and factual, and have discussed issues without resorting to polemics.

Now, as his campaign is nearing its end, our opponent has decided to up the vitriol and question our commitment to diversity.  As we said during the candidates' forum held on October 23, having a Borough Council that exemplifies the diversity in New Providence is a positive.  Our opponent is trying to turn that into a negative.  The New Providence Borough Council formulated the Diversity Committee to promote awareness of the different religions, cultures, races and ethnicities that call New Providence home.  As the co-liaison to the Diversity Committee, Councilman Muñoz remains committed to promoting their mission.  As the only woman running for Borough Council this year, Michele Matsikoudis brings a life experience that no other candidate can match.  

Please vote for Michele Matsikoudis and Robert Muñoz on November 5.