To the Editor:

NJ State government mirrors the Federal government in exhibiting a heightened level of division and distrust, which too often results in no results at all.  One positive we see coming out of this unhappy situation is the unprecedented surge in citizen engagement in the political process, both nationally and locally; more people are paying attention to politics and elections, and certainly more are becoming actively engaged by running for office and thereby giving us choices.

In the NJ Assembly's 21st Legislative District, which includes New Providence, the Democratic party is benefitting from that surge in citizen engagement.  We have a contested primary on June 4, with three candidates vying for two Assembly seats.  The primary will decide which two of these three will be on the ballot in November, presenting Democrats with a choice. Please take this opportunity to make a reasoned choice based on the candidate's background, character, and relevant experience.

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I will choose Jill Lazare for NJ Assembly on June 4.

She brings her experience as a practicing attorney; a parent; a public defender and community leader and, of course, her limitless energy to the cause.  Jill is the one candidate who has actively worked with the Legislature already, advocating for and helping to get pased laws to combat the opioid crisis.  Another priority is long-overdue improvement in the area of mass transit.  She has assisted in crafting legislation, and has earned the endorsements of former and current Assembly members John Wisniewski and Valerie Huttle (Deputy Speaker of the General Asembly).  These are people who understand best who would make a great Assembly member.

Recently, the party registration numbers in the District have shifted to the Democrats' favor, making a win in November a real possibility.  With her experience and dedicated commitment, Jill makes my choice in the Assembly race an easy one.  In Union County, she is at the top of Column B on your ballot.


Bob Conley

415 Elkwood Ave

New Providence, NJ